Daily Management

On a daily basis the setting is managed by Georgia, who currently works Monday to Wednesday. Emily is the Deputy Manager at Caterpillar Pre-School and she works Monday to Friday. Both of these practitioners are Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) for the setting, ensuring that all children are protected from harm.

The Management Committee

Battle Baptist church appoints up to seven trustees at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) who play a crucial role in the existence of the pre-school. They are responsible for reviewing both policy and practice within government guidelines, and for the employment and appraisal of the pre-school practitioners. Georgia and Jo (the settings Business Manager) are both members of the Committee, 

The Management Committee is made up of a highly dedicated team.

Photographs of the Management Committee are displayed on the Pre-School Welcome Board in the foyer.

Sarah Hamilton (Trustee) is the Chair of the Management Committee. Sarah is a retired primary school teacher, and has recently found time to invest her skills in to the Pre-School. Glenys Cornwell, our second trustee, has been a pre-school manager herself for many years. Ed Jones – the pastor of Battle Baptist Church – is also a trustee, as is John Southam, who was the church manager for several years before retiring in April 2019.

When visiting the setting, all committee members and trustees will wear a lanyard for identification purposes.

Opportunities for Parents

We value the experiences, ideas and opinions of our parents and families, and always wish to welcome new parents onto our Committee. If you are interested in becoming a parent representative, please speak to Georgia or Jo.