Policies and Procedures

Our new Policies are ready to view. Please note, this includes updated information in the Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy, in line with the new GDPR regulations. Please also pay attention to the Privacy Notice, which highlights how we collect children’s data, and why we require it.

Within the policy document you will also find information on:

  1. Staffing and Employment Policy
  2. Dealing with Allegations and Complaints
  3. Students in the Setting
  4. Child Admissions
  5. Charging and Fees
  6. Key Person Policy
  7. Parental Involvement Policy
  8. Promoting Positive Behaviour
  9. Children with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities
  10. Data Protection and Confidentiality
  11. Privacy Notice
  12. Medication and Illness
  13. First Aid Accidents and Injuries
  14. Fire Procedure and Emergency Evacuation
  15. Smoking and Substance Misuse
  16. Health, Safety and Hygiene
  17. Healthy Eating
  18. Physical Activity
  19. Safeguarding: Roles, Responsibilities and Procedures
  20. Safeguarding: Social Networking and E-Safety
  21. Safeguarding: Mobile Phones, Cameras and Photographs
  22. Safeguarding: Missing Child
  23. Safeguarding: Failure to Collect a Child
  24. Safeguarding: The Prevent Duty
  25. Safeguarding: British Values
  26. Safeguarding: Female Genital Mutilation